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Matching material specifications to the application is critical with work in process bar code labeling. In these environments, labels must survive temperature extremes both hot and cold. Labels must also be able to withstand a wide variety of chemicals and abuse which might occur during manufacturing. In the manufacturing, be it automobile or electronic PC Boards, the correct label construction plays a key roll in the success of the system.

The non-metal labels listed to the left are a poly base material which performs well in most general labeling application.  The adhesive is permanent and has a temperature range of     -320F to 190F.  For any applications requiring a different range requirements, use the form at the top of the page to request samples or ask questions.

Flexibility—Your labels can be produced in rolls or in sheets for ease of use.

Materials—We offer a variety of label constructions with permanent and removable adhesives, laminates and varnish top coats.

Color—Flood coats and color stripes are also available.

Graphics—Add your company Logo to your label.

Reliability—We can offer you insight into bar code choice, label sizing, label construction and even label placement based on many years of experience.

Chemical/Heat Resistance—We offer specialty materials which withstand harsh environments.

Custom Designs—Wrap around cable and PC board.