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Property Management

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Property Labels come with many different types of base materials, laminates and adhesives.  Destructibility and Durability play major roles in determining the appropriate construction for your Property Management Labels.  The perfect label material for property management applications if Destructible Vinyl.  It cannot be removed without being destroyed.  Two primary issues with this construction are initial label application and image durability.  Both items are addressed by adding a laminate.  The stronger the laminate the more easily a label can be removed.  The best of both worlds is a Destructible Vinyl with a Destructible Laminate.

Indoor Labels
Five standard sizes are available in 2 label constructions, Destructible Vinyl and Polyester.  We also offer 2 Laminate choices polyester and acetate (destructibility).  VOID material are also available by contacting us.

Outdoor Labels
Five label sizes are available in Outdoor Labels.  The base material is Polyester with a special UV Protected Laminate.

Metal (Anodized Aluminum) Labels
Two standard sizes are available in 3 different thicknesses.  These labels are available with or without a permanent Heavy Duty Adhesive.  Rivet holes are also available at an extra charge.

If you don`t see the label size you want send in an e-mail with your specifics and I will reply with a quotation.

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