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Tire Retreading


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We offer both Bar Code Label Sets and Finished Goods Labels.

Just like the barcode labels you’re using now to track your tires, our labels are designed to survive the entire retreading process, and work with your existing tracking system. They will remain adhered to the tire, and scan quickly and easily, from the moment you affix them to the tire to the moment you deliver the tire to your customer.

Why are we so confident our labels will work for you? Because we’ve tested them on over 12 million tires, using the same equipment you use. That’s why we are confident they’ll work time after time, and not fall off, crumple, fade or tear.

Finished Goods Labels
Applied to the Tread of the tire after the tire has been retreaded.  We offer a Heavy Duty Permanent Tread Adhesive in 3 different Colors

Bar Code Label Sets      
Applied to retread tire prior to going through the retreading process.  The 3 labels set is generally used with 1 label being applied to the Work Order and the other 2 labels being applied to the tire.

Thermal Transfer Ribbons
For Zebra Printers and the Finished Goods Labels
Listed above.
Cleaning Kits for Thermal Transfer
Tire Inflation Warning Labels

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