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Distance reading The scanner can read from near touch to 11 inches, depending on symbol characteristics.
VIDEO/CCD imager The scanning system is functionally identical to a solid state, one line TV camera. There are no moving parts to wear out, break, or need adjustment.
USB Interface shown.  Range of interfaces available, models include interfaces for industrial, commercial, and retail point of sale applications (prices may vary).
Triggering options The reader can be operated with a manual trigger, or in the autotrigger mode, providing operational flexibility to the user. Quick change cable Modular design allows for quick and easy cable changes (eg. from RS-232 to keyboard wedge). This allows one bar code reader to be used in multiple environments.
Rugged construction The reader is built to withstand industrial and commercial environments. Engineering grade polymers, rugged construction, and strategically placed bumpers make this reader ideal for demanding applications.
Holders and presentation stands are available to provide hands-free scanning.

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TC1490 Stand